Who We Are

If you've read Dr. Shimanuki's quote on our home page, you'll understand how perfect everything has to be to have a successful bee yard.  Good thing for us, the bees really do all the work.

G's Bees NC makes sure the bees have everything they need for that work, room to grow, feed when it's needed and organic treatments for any health issues that may arise.  They're an amazing creature that survives very well on their own in the wild.  Honey bee populations are on the decline.  That's one reason we don't use chemicals in our hives.  Even though these chemical treatments may prove to help, they're not available to wild bees.  Again, they seem to do pretty well without it.

If you have a small farm or a large garden, contact us about the possibility of placing a hive or two for pollination benefits, not to mention that great honey.

Speaking of honey, our bottled honey is now available at:

   *   Grandma Hoyt's Country Buffet - Bessemer City, North Carolina

   *   Lewis Farm - Ranlo, North Carolina

   *   Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden - Belmont, North Carolina

   *   You 1st Pharmacy - Gastonia, North Carolina

   *   The Wandering Cup - Belmont, North Carolina

   *   On our Web Store

Our honey is pure, raw and strained.